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         Fall 2013 marketing letter
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         M.Ed. Year 2
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         M.Ed Year 2
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         M.Ed in Adams
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         Pelican Rapids Learning Community
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         M.Ed. LDT_Webinar_November
         Duluth Webinar
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         Masters September follow up
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         Chippewa Falls
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      Employee Campaign Kick-off
      Employee Campaign Kick-off
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      Saint Teresa Leadership Institute Symposium
         Symposium - online
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         stli email 7-25-2012
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            stli email 6-26-2012
               stli email 6-26-2012
                  stli email 6-26-2012
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      Deposit Information Spring 2017
      Reminder to Check Your Portal
      Holiday Reminders 2016
      Reminder to Check Your Portal
      November 2016 - Student Accounts & Registration
      Parent Newsletter - September 2016
      Fall 2016 - Business Office Update
      July 2016 - New Accounting System
      Business Office - New Department Numbers
      Deposit Information 2016
       Business Office Update - Fall 2015
      January 2016 - New Year Reminders
      W2, 1098T, Deposits & More...
      Year End Student Update
      Holidays - Payroll & Accounts Payable
      Financial Update
      Spring Student Information
      Deposit Information
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         Fiscal Year End Reminders - March 2016
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         Fiscal Year End Reminders - April 2013
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      Celebrate Scholarship
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      Death Notice - Br. Michael Collins
      Alumni News & Events
      Alumni News & Events
      Alumni News & Events
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      Death Notice - Deidre "Deedee" Baker Hedrick
Brother Basil
Brother Basil -- Saturday, Nov. 8
Brother Basil -- Sunday, Nov. 9
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Master Planning
   Master Planning Defined
   Master Planning Process
   Mission & Vision
   21st Century University
   Strategic Themes & Goals
      Strategic Theme 1: Strengthen and Preserve Our Core Mission & Identity
      Strategic Theme 2: Innovate and Grow – Three Centers of Excellence
      Strategic Theme 3: Steward and Strengthen Our Resources
   Trustee Template
   Board of Trustees – Directory
   Trustees A – M
      Mary Burrichter – Trustee
      Brother Kevin Convey, FSC
      Brother Patrick Conway
      John Domanico ’77 – Trustee
      Michael G. Dougherty ’76 – Trustee
      Marilyn Frost – Trustee
      Brother Jose Gonzalez
      Roger Haydock
      James Horan ’72 – Trustee
      Betty Kabara – Trustee
      Linda A. Kuczma – Trustee
      Brother William Mann, FSC – Trustee
      Brother Michael J. McGinniss
   Trustees N - Z
      Kaye O’Leary – Trustee
      Peter D. Pearson ’70
      Brother David E. Poos, FSC – Trustee
      Brother Gustavo Ramirez Barba, FSC – Trustee
      Mary Ann D. Remick – Trustee
      Joseph J. Ross ’67 – Trustee
      Terrance Russell ’76 – Trustee
      Patrick Salvi ’75 – Trustee
      Brother Larry Schatz, FSC – Trustee
      Sandra Simon – Trustee
      John Smarrelli, Jr. – Trustee
      Walter E. Smithe ’81 – Trustee
      Celeste L. Suchocki – Trustee
      Ann Trauscht
      Mary Pat (Navins ’73) Wlazik – Trustee
   Trustees Emeritus
      Lyle D. Delwiche – Trustee Emeritus
      Thomas F. Meagher – Trustee Emeritus
   Trustees Emeritus N -Z
      Loras H. “Red” Sieve ’60 – Trustee Emeritus
      David R. Thies – Trustee Emeritus
      Bernard (Bernie) E. Wagnild – Trustee Emeritus
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      Information for Parents & Families
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President Inauguration R.S.V.P.
President Inauguration R.S.V.P.
President Inauguration R.S.V.P.
President Inauguration R.S.V.P.
President Inauguration R.S.V.P.
President Inauguration R.S.V.P.
President Inauguration R.S.V.P.
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Tim Burchill Eulogy
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